New year, new designs :)

Hello everybody!!! Nice to meet you in my second year 🙂 Hope you are all healthy and happy.

My year started with great creative energy and I took my time exploring some new techniques in paper handcrafting.  I’m so anxious to show you my first result, but first I have to confess that this time I’ve broken the unwritten law of my work: recycling. Yes, this time I bought the paper I needed. It was of such a nice texture and chromatic that I couldn’t help myself buying it. I didn’t know what I’ll be doing with it but I was sure it will be something beautiful.

So, in this firs post of the year I’m glad to show you my first brooch made of the first non-recycled paper.

paper brooch handmade by The Mistique Moth

As you can see, it is made of different size rolled paper beads of sandy-beige color and bronze-like supplies giving it a vintage feeling and assorted with colorful glass beads. The length of the brooch is 10 cm. Price: 40 lei.

Enjoy! And stay tuned because I’m working on other surprises 🙂


About Chiramó Jewelry

Chiramó Jewelry explores paper as a new medium of expression in making jewelry. It aims at highlighting the uniqueness of each woman and affirming the attention we give to the environment, even in this aspect of our life. Each paper item is subjected to various treatments in order to achieve the desired aesthetic result. In the end it is varnished several times to protect and strengthen it. My play with the paper beads started in 2011 and since then, the fascination of seeing the refreshed beauty of such a banal material as paper under my hands is still alive. I am happy every time you choose to wear the Chiramó paper jewelry with dignity and joy. Go green! Wear Paper Jewelry! My jewelry is available on Etsy: Thank you! :) View all posts by Chiramó Jewelry

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