When I first started this blog, I wanted to show  the world a beautiful face of the nasty reality around us. I wanted to proclaim that even in this stage of degradation, everyone of us can make a change. A small one. His part. But gathered together, all this parts will rebuild a beautiful whole…

I recycle paper… so, I, somehow, have to do with the garbage…

Yes, this time I want to talk about the garbage in the world today. There is plenty of it, much than ever, and some people, dressed in green clothes, have the nerve to full us, to kill us, in the name of environmental care, in fact, in the name of their own financial care.

I recently saw a shocking documentary, the winner of “The Best International Organised Crime Report Award, 2011” , Toxic Europe. It simply unveils the mechanism of International Organised Crime who transformed Romania into Europe’s garbage pit. Here is the network unveiled, the people involved in it, and their means of action and yet, nobody does anything!!!! Nobody is held responsible and nobody gets punished. And I am the one who gets fined if I don’t pick up  the dirt after my dog when I take her out.  I always DO pick it  up, by the way! And I recycle paper! And I hope for a better world… Sounds so naive compared to this giant monster who builds up mountains of garbage imported from other countries, just because it’s a good business… I know I am so small and helpless… It hurts to know you cannot do anything! But still, in my helplessness, I want to make this heard by as many people as possible! I want people to know what the sad truth is, to be aware of it! I want people living next to those mountains of garbage to know that if they die prematurely or if their children are born with grave malformations, it’s not because God punishes them for their sins, and it’s not their destiny to suffer (as they are being told by religion), but it is the diabolic lust for money that transforms people into criminals!

I am so sad and indignant…

May this be heard of as many people as possible!

photo sources : si

Toxic Europe – L’inchiesta (VIDEO)


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Chiramó Jewelry explores paper as a new medium of expression in making jewelry. It aims at highlighting the uniqueness of each woman and affirming the attention we give to the environment, even in this aspect of our life. Each paper item is subjected to various treatments in order to achieve the desired aesthetic result. In the end it is varnished several times to protect and strengthen it. My play with the paper beads started in 2011 and since then, the fascination of seeing the refreshed beauty of such a banal material as paper under my hands is still alive. I am happy every time you choose to wear the Chiramó paper jewelry with dignity and joy. Go green! Wear Paper Jewelry! My jewelry is available on Etsy: Thank you! :) View all posts by Chiramó Jewelry

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