Ladybugs’ Field

Hello there!

Now I’d like to show to you my latest paper bead story: With the comming of Spring, the ladybugs flew away and took  their field with them and now want to put it, so naturally, on your chest. It’s a story about ladybugs, green fields, optimism,  joy and love.

The materials I used are: recylcled paper, red coral and brass. The set is made of necklace, earrings and ring.

Have a great Springtime!!!

Ladybugs' Field - recycled paper jewelry set

Ladybugs' Field - recycled paper earrings

Ladybugs' Field - recycled paper ring

Ladybugs' Field - recycled paper jewelry set


About Chiramó Jewelry

Chiramó Jewelry explores paper as a new medium of expression in making jewelry. It aims at highlighting the uniqueness of each woman and affirming the attention we give to the environment, even in this aspect of our life. Each paper item is subjected to various treatments in order to achieve the desired aesthetic result. In the end it is varnished several times to protect and strengthen it. My play with the paper beads started in 2011 and since then, the fascination of seeing the refreshed beauty of such a banal material as paper under my hands is still alive. I am happy every time you choose to wear the Chiramó paper jewelry with dignity and joy. Go green! Wear Paper Jewelry! My jewelry is available on Etsy: Thank you! :) View all posts by Chiramó Jewelry

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