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I thought it would be interesting to mention the music that accompanies me in making jewelery. Because music is also important to me and I think it is, somehow part of the process.

So, lately I left myself drifted into deeply misterious realms of delicate poety and sound by the music of David Sylvian.

Enjoy! 😉









Love Story

Hello dears,
Here’s another necklace of mine made out of an old book. It will fit perfectly with a red or black dress when you meet the man you love, giving you a classy, refined look and an interesting topic to discuss:) I worked on emphasizing the vintage feeling of the paper beads and varnished them in three layers. I accessorised them with transparent red seed beads and strung them on a brass wire.
It is available in Oranjerie. Handmade Gallery, Cluj
Well, that’s it:




Twisted Words Around Your Neck

Now I have the pleasure to introduce to you a necklace very dear to me. It is charming by its simplicity and its antique, vintage feeling.  Twisted words, wrapped around your neck or your wrists will give you a misterious, intriguing look. Simple and sophisticated in the same time.

Made of old book paper, varnished with special polish that makes it water resistant, this necklace is 71 cm plus 25 cm black leather ends.


Paper Bead Necklaces

The Mistique Moth

The Mistique Moth

The Mistique Moth

The Mistique Moth

The Mistique Moth

The Mistique Moth

The Mistique Moth

The Mistique Moth

The Mistique Moth

The Mistique Moth

The Beginning of The Paper Age

It was 2011 New Year’s Eve. As I was looking for inspiration on the net, I came across this fantastic idea of paper beads. I couldn’t believe they can be so beautiful… And what a strange and good idea to make beads, jewelries out of things that so far I was throwing away like useless things. Right away I began to cut a 24Fun magazine and made my first tormented but colorful paper beads. I was so excited and continued to feverishly twist and paste until morning. To me, the fireworks had no fantasy compared to the paper beads. So I spent my New Year’s Eve playing with paper. And that’s how I stepped into this year, with glue on my fingers and colors in my eyes 🙂

Then I found out that paper beads saved African women in Uganda from poverty, that there are a lot of people doing this, that there are a lot of varieties of beads that can be achieved, infinite jewelry designs… a lot of interesting things to be explored and discovered.

Here are my first shy paper works:

cercei din margele de hartie

colier din margele de hartiepaper beads and wood beads necklace