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Boho Style Upcycled Paper Bead Bracelet


Just some pictures with my latest work for now 🙂


Gypsy Bracelet

An extravagant, gypsy style  bracelet that will certainly draw attention on you! It is made of long sparkling paper beads of golden shade and different other little paper, glass, wood beads that slide along the brass pin, and surrounded by brass beads.

One-of-a-kind design. Handmade by The Mistique Moth.

Twisted Words Around Your Neck

Now I have the pleasure to introduce to you a necklace very dear to me. It is charming by its simplicity and its antique, vintage feeling.  Twisted words, wrapped around your neck or your wrists will give you a misterious, intriguing look. Simple and sophisticated in the same time.

Made of old book paper, varnished with special polish that makes it water resistant, this necklace is 71 cm plus 25 cm black leather ends.


Paper Bead Bracelets

the Mistique Moth

The Mistique Moth

handmade by The Mistique Moth

The Mistique Moth

The Mistique Moth

The Mistique Moth

The Mistique Moth

The Mistique Moth