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I’m presenting you L U S H – 2016 fall collection of eco jewelry.

It’s rich, it’s warm, it’s chunky! It’s inspired by Tuscan sunsets through the cypress and Mediteranean pine trees  and over the mild sea. It’s here to bring you joy and inspiration!





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TIFF earrings collection


TIFF #15 is here!!!

Make sure you have all the details checked out and don’t forget to accessorize yourself with this special earrings made of an archive TIFF poster of the #11 edition.

As all my recycled paper beads, they’re carefully varnish and assembled so you can feel secure and special wearing an unique piece of jewelry.

Tonight, we put on our special TIFF earrings and go to see a special movie. We don’t wanna miss the most important movie event of the year: Transylvanian International Film Festival in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

Enjoy your evening! Enjoy your movie! Enjoy your earrings! 😉



Not much to say about this set… 🙂

I’ll just let you enjoy the music that kept me company in making it:


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Little March alias Mărțișor :)

the mistique moth

the mistique moth
As Romanians, we cannot conceive the coming of Spring without its symbol, Mărțișor.

We are all very eager for Spring to come, counting down  the days until the sun will gently caress us again with its gentle rays and flowers will explode around us in a madness of colors.

Spring inspired me as well to create this paper Mărțisor collection in the shape of a stylized flower who will bring joy and good  luck to women wearing it.




the mistique moth

the mistique moth

 Here you can read more about the tradition of Mărțișor

and here are the latest models…


Boho Style Upcycled Paper Bead Bracelet


Just some pictures with my latest work for now 🙂

Snail-Style Ring :)))

And here is a new kind of a ring, an extravagant, bold and a litthe demanding ring since it needs to be worn with the sence of responsability 🙂 The metalic threads, like the antennas of a snail, are a litlle sensitive but this gives it a special charm and draw the attention upon the person wearing it.

It can be assorted with the earrings I posted in the former post.

La Reine Margot

A very special and unique set of necklace and earrings, carefully handmade from recycled paper. WIth its strong vintage look, this set will take you back through centuries, turning you into the prom queen.

La Reine Margot - recycled paper bead necklace

La Reine Margot - detail