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Jocul cu margelele de hartie

Primul meu interviu despre margelutele din hartie reciclata: septembrie 2011, pentru ClujNews

Are 30 de ani, s-a nascut in Braila, a urmat Facultatea de Litere din Bucuresti, iar de cativa ani s-a stabilit in Cluj-Napoca, unde duce o viata asa cum isi doreste, adica inclinata spre artele frumoase. Desi trebuia sa fie profesoara de romana, Carmen Orasanu prefera sa priveasca lumea prin obiectivul aparatului de fotografiat si sa faca efemere podoabe de hartie.

Carmen Orasanu, alias “Molia mistica”, si-a facut intrarea in lume la unul din targurile de produse hand made organizate in Piata Matei Corvin din Cluj. Acolo, pe un stand oarecum inghesuit, si-a aranjat cuminte colierele pe care le confectioneaza din… hartie. Margelele sale sunt un experiment, pentru care isi lasa imaginatia si fantezia sa zboare de fiecare data, realizand modele unicat, imposibil de reprodus cu exactitate. Desi a fost pentru prima data cand si-a scos la vanzare creatiile pe taraba, tanara s-a declarat incantata dupa targ. “Credeam ca margelele mele de hartie sunt un ac in carul cu fan, dar feedback-ul pe care l-am primit a fost chiar pozitiv. Se oprea lumea si ma intreba cum sunt facute, iar unii isi aduceau aminte ca si ei la randul lor au facut margele din hartie cand erau tineri”, spune ea.” citeste in continuare


La Reine Margot

A very special and unique set of necklace and earrings, carefully handmade from recycled paper. WIth its strong vintage look, this set will take you back through centuries, turning you into the prom queen.

La Reine Margot - recycled paper bead necklace

La Reine Margot - detail

Twisted Words Around Your Neck

Now I have the pleasure to introduce to you a necklace very dear to me. It is charming by its simplicity and its antique, vintage feeling.  Twisted words, wrapped around your neck or your wrists will give you a misterious, intriguing look. Simple and sophisticated in the same time.

Made of old book paper, varnished with special polish that makes it water resistant, this necklace is 71 cm plus 25 cm black leather ends.


Romance Collection

The following creations are for women with no fear to express their feminity, women who understand that it’s all about falling in love…

All of them are handmade and designed to fit different expressions of feelings.

I used especially recycled wraping paper and paper from old callendars and magazines.


Hippie Collection

Since I claim myself a hippie, you’ll see that this reflects in my work as well. So, I decided I should gather all this items in a distinctive collection. Through its art, its culture, its philosophy, hippie gets closest to my idea of beauty. There are some few other things though, of which I might talk in another future post.

So, hope you’ll like the collection and feel the vibe!

This necklace will cheer up our day with its vivid colors and joyous design 🙂

The Mistique Moth

This are very versatile since they can be used as a necklace or as a bracelet, depending on your mood 🙂

The Mistique Moth

And at last, a very delicate bracelet of purple and brown hue

Stay tuned cause there’s more to come! 🙂

Peace! Love!

I’ll just add here some older items

The Mistique Moth

The Mistique Moth

The Mistique Moth

paper bead bracelet

Turquoise Drops – paper bead jewelry


Elegant Paper Bracelet

Now I want to show you this last bracelet I’ve made…

It’s made out of 3 cm long paper beads of brown-beige shades interleaved with small seed beads of assorted colors and bordered by white shell beads. It can be adjusted to fit every wrist size.

In this picture you can see I assorted the bracelet with a different set of paper beads., which I will present to you in another post 🙂

That’s all! Enjoy!!!

handmade by The Mistique Moth

Black is Beauty – a paper jewelry set

Hope you’ll like this last creation. It is different from all the others I’ve done. You can wear it to a cocktail party or corporate party or any other special occasion if you’re looking for a romantic, very feminine look. . It’s made up of elegant black paper beads in the shape of a drop and assorted with red and green glass beads. The bronze-like supplies gives it a vintage  and elegant feeling.

Price: 45 lei for both the necklace and the earrings.

handmade by The Mistique Moth