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The Last Metamorphosis


Dear all,

long time no chat…

A lot had happened meanwhile but the most important was the last metamorphosis of The Mistique Moth into Chiramó! It spread its wings and flew high shrouded in colors and dreams.

Chiramó Jewelry aims at taking the work of The Mistique Moth to another level, meeting the international public and expectations. Thus, the Chiramó Jewelry shop on Etsy came into being and thanks to the almighty, Chiramó jewelry will be displayed in Florence this winter, along with the works of other 25 Italian artists from Etsy community (details here).

colaj final etsy

So, this being said, I wish you’d follow my new blog and fb page to keep in touch with the latest news and creations. Also, if you want to make an eco-friendly, one-of-a-kind present this winter and to support my work, I welcome you to my etsy shop.

As this will be my last post here, on The Mistique Moth, I wish you all, by now,  a beautiful and joyous wintertime and Christmas with friends and family around!

Thank you for appreciating and supporting my work so far. I look forward to continuing this beautiful trip together on Chiramó Jewelry!

Go Green! Wear paper jewelry!

Carmen 🙂 ❤



thank you 2016! welcome 2017!

Thank you 2016 for all the wonderful people you’ve made me meet, for all the places you took me to, for all the great joy you brought into my life and even more for the fails, the tears, the deaths and resurrections, for all the metamorphoses that happened behind the skin.
Welcome 2017! You’ll be even better cause we’re older and wiser! 🙂 I just can’t wait!!! 😀
And, at the end of this year, a thought of gratitude goes to all of you who appreciate and support my work! Thank you all!!!


TIDAFF – Transilvania International Design & Fashion Fair


This post is about one of the most important events in the world of design and fashion that will take place in Cluj-Napoca – Transilvania International Design & Fashion Fair.

This exposition-fair will gather important names in fashion and design from Romania and other European countries. Held in one of the most beautiful location in Cluj, the newly renovated building of the old Casino in Central Parc, TIDAFF is intended to bring us closer to the glamorous world of fashion, to show us the newest trends, to facilitate meeting the designers in person and to create various creative partnerships.

TIDAFF is not just a fair. TIDAFF will bring us live styling demonstrations as drapery on the mannequin, Spray Art and shibori technique as well as wine testing sessions. Contests sponsored by Oriflame and Yellow store will also keep us connected, so stay tuned! 😉

The social TIDAFF corner” – will give us the opportunity to enjoy a coffee, a bio snack or mulled wine.

I will be waiting for you at The Mistique Moth stand with my latest collection of recycled paper jewelry – Counterpoint made of vintage musical sheets, and many other surprises! 🙂

The event is brought to us by High Heels Events and Cotnari Wine House.

TIDAFF: 15-16 nov ; 11:00-19:00

@ Casino Parcul Central, Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

If you are in Cluj, you definitely don’t want to miss it!

Ziua de Cluj

“O clujeancă are o pasiune inedită: confecţionează accesorii din hârtie. E singura din Cluj care face asta, spune ea. Pentru un colier lucrează chiar şi două zile, iar preţul e pe măsură: costă până la 85 de lei.

Carmen Orăşanu şi-a descoperit pasiunea de a confecţiona bijuterii din hârtie reciclabilă în urmă cu un an şi jumătate şi, deocamdată, este singurul clujean care foloseşte această metodă de artizanat. “Îmi place foarte mult ideea de a recicla”, spune ea.

Preţurile nu sunt mici, dar reflectă volumul mare de muncă: cerceii costă între 15 şi 35 de lei, iar colierele – între 35 şi 85 de lei. “Două zile durează ca să fac un colier, fără să pun timpul de uscare a hârtiei”, spune ea.

Materia primă – calendare, afişe, reviste sau pliante, inclusiv cele care i se aduc în poştă. La volumul de muncă pe care-l solicită acest hobby, se poate spune că este o meserie în toată regula. “Veniturile mele depind de vânzări, care fluctuzează, dar dacă fac o medie se apropie de un nivel rezonabil”, spnue ea.

Şi-a făcut şi un blog, prin care îşi prezintă lucrările, dar şi un magazin virtual, dar îi găsiţi creaţiile la standurile Asociaţiei Meşterilor Populari din piaţa Matei Corvin.”

Articolul original aici.



Boho Style Upcycled Paper Bead Bracelet


Just some pictures with my latest work for now 🙂