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De Libris Collection

IMGP0879Of books…

A book is more than its story, its plot, its wisdom, its characters, its philosophy. A book is a object of worship. A symbol. A symbol of freedom. A symbol of power. Every book you read is a feather you add to your native wings and wen you’ll get enough feathers, you’ll find the courage to spread your wings and begin the journey of freedom.


A book is a heavy word. It’s a word that if ever slammed to the ground it will break into ten of thousands of lead letters.


A book is a state of nostalgia. An old book is a state of eternity.


A book is the result of revelation. Revelation is divine.


A book leads you to the inner you. Makes you hear your inner voice that sounds like music.


Carry a book everywhere you go! As a symbol! It will make you stronger! Accessorize it with a proper jewelry! 😉

Peace! Love!


Organic Collection



I spent my last week at the seaside and I returned home with great energy and inspiration and some very nice shells and this kind of seeds of an I-don’t-know-what plant. It has an extremelly interesting shape and design. I covered it with a layer of varnish to highlight the natural design and color. I combined them with different beads of natural materials (wood, bone) and brass and strung it on a leather thread
The final look is very queer and strange and spectacular resembling a totem of the tribal art.
All I can say is go to the seaside! It will worth!





Oranjerie. Handmade Gallery

Plantavante Logo GuidelinesHello everybody!!!! Hope you all have a great beginning of this year and I wish you'll have so manny interesting project accomplished this year.
The big news is that, in december, last year, I managed to fulfill my dream and opened Oranjerie, the first handmade gallery in Cluj, Romania.PXTB8051
I started with the idea of getting the artists closer to other people and offering them a platform to express, to exhibit and to sell their work. Another aim was that of getting Romanian artists known abroad, by showing their work to the foreign turists visiting the gallery.
Oranjerie is situated right in the center of Cluj, in a historical area, behind the famous Matei Corvin House, in a fairy-tale-like yard, guarded by a huge wrought iron gate.
As you step to the path and enter the Oranjerie, you'll get yourself into a land of so good vibrations given by all those beautifull things created by people, with their hands and their souls and their fantasy and could not leave without the promise, for yourself, to come back.
Amongst the things one can find here, I can mention: handmade jewelry of murano glass, brass and copper wire with gemstones, woven necklaces with traditional embroidery, and, ofcourse, my recycled paper jewelry, handmade pottery, porcelain, painted wood recipients and home PXTB8058decorations, handmade knives and horns, vegetable wreaths,lighting creations, natural, homemade cosmetics and so much more...
We grow bigger everyday as we discover many talented people worthy of being promoted in our handmade gallery.
Oranjerie is meant as an interactive place where workshops will take place, exhibitions and other events, fulfilling a desire to get together people who love to admire and to create beautiful things, who love to express themselves through art.
Right now we are preparing for Martisor (Little March), the symbol that, in Romanian tradition, announces the coming of Spring, which is celebrating by offering a small decoration, a talisman-like, tied up with a red and white string, and wear by women, attached to their clothes, giving them strenght and healthy throughout the year.

You can Like our page on Facebook and keep up to date with the events and all the new stuff in Oranjerie.
I will leave you now in the company of this short recording from the opening of Oranjerie, on 1st of December, 2012. Enjoy!

Oranjerie. Handmade Gallery. The Opening.

The Music in You

Hello everybody!!!

I have a new collection of earrings called “The Music in You”. They are made of old scores and I dedicate them to all those talented women who, unlike me, have musical skills. I really envy you, in a good way, and I hope you’ll find my earrings like a tribute to your work. I have more variations on the same theme but, as I promissed myself and to you, all of my jewelry is one-of-a-kind. You can trust that!

So, let the music play!

And, before ending this post, I dare to invite you to listen to this part of Rachmaninov’s Piano Concert No.2. It makes my hair stand on end every time I listen to it. Hope it will do the same to you! 😀

In addition to this post, I would like to show you my latest bracelet on the same theme, Solfeggio Bracelet.

It is a little bit more sophisticated, more delicate and feminin. It is assorted with a combination of gemstones like green amethyst and purple jad, little purple glass beads and some semitransparent ones.

The width of it is 3,5 cm and the length is adjustable.