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Boho Summer in the Air


Hello everybody!

After a too long and groundless absence, here I am again with a brand new and fresh Summer collection to inspire you and to add to your joy of living.

Wear it in the sunshine on the beach, wear it in the evening breeze on the shore,  wear it around your neck or wrist, play with it, make it your own personal delight.

The paper beads are varnished so they do resist in contact with water but it’s reccomended to keep it away of shower or something like this, to enjoy it longer.

The thread is waxed cotton, very resistant as well.

I combined the paper beads with sea shells, sea stones, wooden beads and, some metal beads, here and there 🙂

Have fun with it!!! 😀







De Libris Collection

IMGP0879Of books…

A book is more than its story, its plot, its wisdom, its characters, its philosophy. A book is a object of worship. A symbol. A symbol of freedom. A symbol of power. Every book you read is a feather you add to your native wings and wen you’ll get enough feathers, you’ll find the courage to spread your wings and begin the journey of freedom.


A book is a heavy word. It’s a word that if ever slammed to the ground it will break into ten of thousands of lead letters.


A book is a state of nostalgia. An old book is a state of eternity.


A book is the result of revelation. Revelation is divine.


A book leads you to the inner you. Makes you hear your inner voice that sounds like music.


Carry a book everywhere you go! As a symbol! It will make you stronger! Accessorize it with a proper jewelry! 😉

Peace! Love!

Indian Summer earrings

Hello dears,
Today, since it’s a lovely shiny Saturday, I’d like to present to you a collection of feather earrings that I made a while ago and which are very dear to me. American Indian culture is very inspiring to me for its symbols and their aproach to everyday life.
“Feathers mean a lot to Native American Tribes. A feather isn’t just something that falls out of a bird, it means much more. The feather symbolizes trust, honor, strength, wisdom, power, freedom and many more things. To be given one of these is to be hand picked out of the rest of the men in the tribe – it’s like getting a gift from a high official.
If any Indian is given Golden or Bald Eagle feathers it is one of the most rewarding items they can ever be handed. The Indians believe that eagles have a special connection with the heavens since they fly so close. Many Indians believe that if they are given this feather, it is a symbol from above. They believe that the eagle is the leader of all birds, because it flies as high as it does and sees better than all the birds.” (read more here)
May these earrings lift your spirit and bring you the soft breeze of freedom and communion with nature.

Hippie Hemp Collection :)

Dedicated to all of you joyful, colourful, youthful spirits.
Bracelets made with love and care for nature and environment, using recycled materials: paper and hemp.
All of them are available at Oranjerie. Handmade Gallery in Cluj, Romania.
You can order on internet as well.
Enjoy Spring with a nice hemp bracelet on! 🙂








Love Story

Hello dears,
Here’s another necklace of mine made out of an old book. It will fit perfectly with a red or black dress when you meet the man you love, giving you a classy, refined look and an interesting topic to discuss:) I worked on emphasizing the vintage feeling of the paper beads and varnished them in three layers. I accessorised them with transparent red seed beads and strung them on a brass wire.
It is available in Oranjerie. Handmade Gallery, Cluj
Well, that’s it:




Ziua de Cluj

“O clujeancă are o pasiune inedită: confecţionează accesorii din hârtie. E singura din Cluj care face asta, spune ea. Pentru un colier lucrează chiar şi două zile, iar preţul e pe măsură: costă până la 85 de lei.

Carmen Orăşanu şi-a descoperit pasiunea de a confecţiona bijuterii din hârtie reciclabilă în urmă cu un an şi jumătate şi, deocamdată, este singurul clujean care foloseşte această metodă de artizanat. “Îmi place foarte mult ideea de a recicla”, spune ea.

Preţurile nu sunt mici, dar reflectă volumul mare de muncă: cerceii costă între 15 şi 35 de lei, iar colierele – între 35 şi 85 de lei. “Două zile durează ca să fac un colier, fără să pun timpul de uscare a hârtiei”, spune ea.

Materia primă – calendare, afişe, reviste sau pliante, inclusiv cele care i se aduc în poştă. La volumul de muncă pe care-l solicită acest hobby, se poate spune că este o meserie în toată regula. “Veniturile mele depind de vânzări, care fluctuzează, dar dacă fac o medie se apropie de un nivel rezonabil”, spnue ea.

Şi-a făcut şi un blog, prin care îşi prezintă lucrările, dar şi un magazin virtual, dar îi găsiţi creaţiile la standurile Asociaţiei Meşterilor Populari din piaţa Matei Corvin.”

Articolul original aici.



Boho Style Upcycled Paper Bead Bracelet


Just some pictures with my latest work for now 🙂