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Winter Wonder Collection




picture taken from Pinterest

Hello dears,


Winter is coming! What a time of wonder! Let us, women, dive into this fairy tale and become its first protagonist, full of grace, wisdom and beauty.


“Winter Wonder” is very distinctive from my other jewelry collecrions because it brings in many new elements. New materials: the corrugated cardboard, the silver plated copper and, probably, above all, the color: white. All these I avoided all along in my work, having a preference for deep colors, vintage and aged elements and using mostly brass wire and bronze findings to complement the jewelry. . So, this is a 180 degrees turn in my work and for me is very refreshing, inspiring and motivating. I loved every stage of the process: making the beads, thinking the design, actually making the jewelry and finally taking the pictures… every one of these brought me another kind of satisfaction but above all is the satisfaction I get when I see the delight in the eyes of my lovely customers when they see the jewelry life, when they try it on.


The beads are made individually from upcycled corrugated cardboard. They are made individually, by hand, cut, glued and varnished several times, with water-based varnish. The hue of the beads is that of the paper. The beads are not painted. The metal part is silver plated copper.


If you’re looking for a special present this year, this might be the one!


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My first Christmas Moth

And my first Christmas Moth flies to….. Italy!!!!!!

pillow box handmade by The Mistique Moth

Ever since the beginning of this Moth story I tried to find ways to pack this handmade things and I was never pleased with what I found. I wanted something if not highlighting, at least not destructive for the appearance of my paper jewelry. The small plastic bag made them look like a cheap Chinese plastic thing… so  I kept searching.

Not so long ago I found this pillow box that caught my eye from the first moment.  A great idea, not so hard to make (but needs much precision) and the result is simply lovely and lets a lot of place for creative interpretation and personalization.

So, from now on, if you want, you can get the paper jewelry handmade by The Mistique moth, in a nice and chic handmade pillow box for only 5 lei.

Each pillow box will be different, like the jewelries inside 🙂

Wish you all a warm and sweet December!!!