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Oranjerie. Handmade Gallery

Plantavante Logo GuidelinesHello everybody!!!! Hope you all have a great beginning of this year and I wish you'll have so manny interesting project accomplished this year.
The big news is that, in december, last year, I managed to fulfill my dream and opened Oranjerie, the first handmade gallery in Cluj, Romania.PXTB8051
I started with the idea of getting the artists closer to other people and offering them a platform to express, to exhibit and to sell their work. Another aim was that of getting Romanian artists known abroad, by showing their work to the foreign turists visiting the gallery.
Oranjerie is situated right in the center of Cluj, in a historical area, behind the famous Matei Corvin House, in a fairy-tale-like yard, guarded by a huge wrought iron gate.
As you step to the path and enter the Oranjerie, you'll get yourself into a land of so good vibrations given by all those beautifull things created by people, with their hands and their souls and their fantasy and could not leave without the promise, for yourself, to come back.
Amongst the things one can find here, I can mention: handmade jewelry of murano glass, brass and copper wire with gemstones, woven necklaces with traditional embroidery, and, ofcourse, my recycled paper jewelry, handmade pottery, porcelain, painted wood recipients and home PXTB8058decorations, handmade knives and horns, vegetable wreaths,lighting creations, natural, homemade cosmetics and so much more...
We grow bigger everyday as we discover many talented people worthy of being promoted in our handmade gallery.
Oranjerie is meant as an interactive place where workshops will take place, exhibitions and other events, fulfilling a desire to get together people who love to admire and to create beautiful things, who love to express themselves through art.
Right now we are preparing for Martisor (Little March), the symbol that, in Romanian tradition, announces the coming of Spring, which is celebrating by offering a small decoration, a talisman-like, tied up with a red and white string, and wear by women, attached to their clothes, giving them strenght and healthy throughout the year.

You can Like our page on Facebook and keep up to date with the events and all the new stuff in Oranjerie.
I will leave you now in the company of this short recording from the opening of Oranjerie, on 1st of December, 2012. Enjoy!

Oranjerie. Handmade Gallery. The Opening.


International Photo Camp

Soon we’ll be heading to an extraordinary photo adventure in  the small fishermen village of Tribunj, Croatia.

We’ll spend 9 days making pictures, making friends and snorkeling in the cristal-clear woaters of the Adriatic Sea.

The photo camp will take place between 7 and 16 of September and our teacher will be Pinto Horse, a charming and experienced photographer, whose portfolio includes editorials for Elite, Penthouse and Playboy magazines. The workshops in this camp will cover Street Fashion and Nude Photography.

Have I make you curious already? 🙂

There will be 9 days of photo workshops, discussions, exercises and challenges, photo projects, competitions and fun!

We still need 3 photographers to join us!

You can find the details of this Photo Camp here (in Romanian only)

And to make it easier for you to imagine how it will be like, I’ll show you a making-of video of the former expedition, in 2011:

<p><a href=”http://vimeo.com/29560710″>International ErKE Photo Camp – Croatia 2011</a> from <a href=”http://vimeo.com/bethlenditamas”>Bethlendi Tam&aacute;s</a> on <a href=”http://vimeo.com”>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

So, if you want to be part of this amazing adventure, let me know by writing me an email at carmenorasanu@gmail.com

If you don’t, then be generous and share this event so it can reach the ones interested.

Wish you all a very cool summertime!

The Metamorphoses of a Paper Bead

Hello again and welcome to my workshop! 🙂

If you ever wander how can these beads be made out of recycled paper, this is the place where you’ll find out that it’s not thast complicated. In fact it’s easier than you imagine.

So, we’ll take it step by step and wrap it in a short story 🙂

As the moth, the paper bead undergoes 4 metamorphoses until it reaches its final shape and fulfills its destiny.

In the beginning there was the sheet of paper.

I have to say I work a lot with girls. I cut them in pieces! But it’s not my fault since they like to pose for different  prints and men like them to pose for… different prints 😀

I like to use thicker paper, like that of calendars, because the beads themselves will be thicker. The upper part of the paper sheet, where the drills are, must be cut down, for the paper to have a well defined and neat edge.

Next comes the drawing of the guiding lines like this:

We reverse the paper sheet in order to keep clear the part of the sheet that will form the front of the bead, and start to measure. We need to know what kind of a bead we want to make. For this example I chose to make a 4 cm long bead. This is a rather long bead, but my paper sheet is long and thick, so I can do this with good results.  I started marking every 4 cm at one end of the paper sheet (first picture)  Then follows the other end, but slightly different. We need a triangle. So, at dis end, we must mark the tip of the triangle at the midpoint of the bead’s length, in this case, 2 cm. (second picture)  After this we can continue marking every 4 cm. until the end of the parer sheet.

Next we join the signs marked before and we’ll get something like in the third image: many, many triangles.

Here comes the second stage of a bead’s evolution: a strip of paper. For this we need a cutter to cut the before drawn triangles (the fourth image)

What comes next? Next, the bead will come into existence, becoming a real bead. So, the third metamorphose.

Starting at the base of the triangle, we roll the strip of paper around a hairpin (or a toothpick or something similar). When we get about 10 cm from the tip, we put some glue on the paper and then continue to roll it until the end. And, here’s the happy bead 🙂

After the paper bead is ready, it must be varnished, so it will glow and will be water resistant. I put the beads on toothpicks while varnishing them and then let them dry for about 12 hours.  And after that comes the second layer of varnish which needs to dry about 24 hours. Well, this depends on the kind of varnish you use … So, this is a rather long process, although the work itself dosen’t take so long.

The fourth metamorphose of the bead will be when it will elegantly hung by someone’s ear or embrace her around the neck 🙂

You can find my jewelry on Etsy, on Breslo ( if you’re Romanian),  or on Facebook

I’m very curious, if you have an attempt to make paper jewelry, just let me know. Take a picture and show it to me. If you need any advice, I will be happy to help you.

Happy beading everyone!!!!