The Philosophy of the Moth

The Mistique Moth

The Mistique Moth descends out of a big family tree of impossible love stories (King Crypto and Enigel, the Lapp‘s type or The Morning Star‘s if you want). It is a love between a moth and a fire fly… Oh, you can already foresee the tragedy of this one… the fatal attraction to light that will throw the poor moth into agony and torture her to death…

But first, let me introduce you The Moth:

The Moth is the butterfly’s uglier sister… She hasn’t got much make-up and other sparks to catch your eyes but she has poetry, she has courage and lives passionately. She does not like the sunlight but rejoice at moonlight.

The moth passes through 4 complete metamorphoses during her lifespan which alone gives her the right to wear the dress of mysticism.

I know the moths bother you…they have already ruined half of your outfits and you desperately fight  against them. I’ll show you the beauty of the beast, the beauty of the moth…


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